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Princess Beatrice Attends The Kairos Society’s Global Summit 2017

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Princess Beatrice attends The Kairos Society’s global summit in NY On April 21 2017. She was there to observe Kairos Society’s work with the youth and was excited to see some of the companies present at the event.
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The Kairos Society annually recognizes the top entrepreneurial students coming out of the premier universities from over 50 countries worldwide. Each year, Kairos Society selects a handful of entrepreneurial students to join its fellowship. While the process is highly selective, students who are chosen as fellows become part of community of peers who are already shaping the world.

 She said in Vogue:

“I got involved in Kairos through a really good friend of mine,” Princess Beatrice says, explaining that she is also very involved in Pitch@Palace, an organization run by her father, Prince Andrew. “You have to make it okay to empower young people, and say you have the support, the backing, the ear, and the platform in order to make that change. And I find that incredibly motivating.”

What else is at the root of Princess Beatrice’s interest in youth entrepreneurship? “I also have a foundation called Big Change, which works on education reform and supports entrepreneurs as well,” she says. “I think we are now living in a period where we need 21st-century education to support technology requirements, and we need to focus on getting young people the tools necessary in order to succeed.”

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is an incredibly stimulating field to work in. “I think that what’s really exciting is that there’s no road map, really,” Princess Beatrice says. “You have so many people innovating—and I’m not just talking about disruptive technologies. Right now, I think there’s really a chance to take everything that we’ve learned and educate people to make them be the best that they can be.”

Inspiring words, but does Princess Beatrice ever get time to explore New York City? “I’m a big fan of the Soho House group,” she says, when asked about her favorite local spot. “It’s a good British brand that’s doing very well in the U.S.!” True, and therefore yet another example of entrepreneurial success.

Here’s a short interview I was lucky enough to find:



Princess Beatrice at We Day Movement NY 2017

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On April 16, 2017, Princess Beatrice attended  We day in New York. This  event  brings together world-renowned speakers, A-list performers, and tens of thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities and changed lives at Radio city hall New York.

Princess Beatrice said: “Your passion and determination are a constant reminder that when you find your cause anything is possible. I want extend a huge thank you for serving as a  constant inspiration for my life and  for countless others. Now,  I’m so excited to introduce our next speaker  an incredible woman inside and out. Who is sprearheaded, unfathomable, and the We movement. Please welcome to the stage Winnie Harlow.”



Princess Beatrice At Teenage Cancer Trust Concert 2017

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On March , 28, 2017 at The Royal Albert Hall. Princess Beatrice and her mother attended 100 #teenagecancergigs concert for Teenage Cancer Trust; their joint patronage. 2017 marked the 17th anniversary year of of Teenage Cancer Trust’s annual concert series at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall, where the world’s biggest names in music and comedy come together to raise money to help young people face the chaos of cancer. Through out the Years the concerts raised over over £20 million to help support young people with cancer.

Princess Beatrice At Easter Service 2017

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Princess Beatrice spent Easter Service along with rest of The British royal Family at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. On April 15 2017

I like how Beatrice is smiling at The Queen and  I also love this little video Clip of Beatrice and The Cambridges enjoying  a nice little chat.

In other interesting Beatrice events; This week she is  set to judge easter bonnet entries for for Edinburgh Sick kids, her patronage. I will also post some charity events I’m behind on during this week or next week

Please Help Fund My Trip To London

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I know this has nothing to do with Princess Beatrice, but if you could help share my page and maybe even donate to my top to London that would be wonderful.

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Princess Beatrice has become Patron to the Oscar’s Book Prize

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Princess Beatrice spoke out after it was announced she had become royal patron of Oscar’s Book Prize. The children’s book award was set up in memory of Oscar Ashton, the son of Standard columnist James Ashton.

Oscar died in 2012 aged three from an undetected heart condition, and the £5,000 award, for the best book published in 2016 for children aged five or under, honours his love of stories.

“I’ am delighted to become the Patron of Oscar’s Book Prize.

Reading stories was always a big part of my childhood; reading is one of my most incredible memories of growing up. Taking the time to read together as a family became a ritual for us and I treasure the memories created whilst poring over the pages of the books my mother would collect for us, many of which I treasure to this day.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia quite early in my childhood and it was noticeable in my reading abilities. Reading was really hard work, even trying to get through the pages of some of the simple school reading books. I could not understand why I was still reading behind my classmates.  It was at this point that stories became one of the key things which inspired me. I was lucky that my mother, with her great imagination, took the time to work on these with me. By the time I read Harry Potter, aged 11, I tore through the pages of the magical books.

My mother writes children’s books and so many of the stories we discovered together came to life in the book series Little Red and through other characters she created for our bedtime stories. If my parents ever travelled they would take time to record some of my favorite books on tape and I would listen to their voices as I fell asleep. This is one of my favorite memories from story time with my parents.

During my early years my father was in the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and spent a lot of time at sea. To help us feel close to him, my mother was inspired to create the ‘Budgie the little Helicopter’ series based on imagining the many adventures brave helicopter pilots would face every day. To this day, these stories make me think back, with the fondest memories, to a time when books would take me into the best adventures and fill my mind with the best images.

I especially loved the Penguin Classics books as child and still treasure my collections today. I loved the illustrations and would spend ages staring at all the details captured in their pages. Their books seemed to stand the test of time and their pages still bring back memories of my sister and I playing teacher in my bedroom and reading to a few cuddly animals (and even a family pet if we could get him to sit still long enough).

I feel inspired by my parents’ passion in making reading to us a priority”

The York Family Christmas Card 2016

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I  finally got the Christmas card  I have been wanting, since the Yorks are my favorites. I had written to the Duke of York for  Christmas, but than  I found out Sarah sends out the Christmas cards. So, I sent her a quick Christmas card in early  January,  I also asked if she had any older cards if she could send them. She sent me the 2014 one, including this years card. I had hoped that she might send me the one from 2015, but alas no luck.  I’m so happy for my results, I could have cried. The Yorks send out awesome Christmas replies. I was worried I wouldn’t get the York Christmas Card because I sent mine late, but it was worth the waiting. I’m still waiting on, The Duke of York, Prince Charles and HM’s Christmas replies.