Princess Beatrice: Past Humanitarian Work Part 1

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I don’t understand why everyone was so horrified/angry at Princess Beatrice when she wore her famous hat at the royal wedding in 2011. Yes, that  hat wasn’t mine or everybody’s taste in style, but Princess Beatrice always had a unique style. Wearing what she wants instead of being  a fashionista, she did have a nice outfit on, but the hat was a unique distraction.  It’s questionable as to why she wore that at her cousin’s royal wedding in 2011, but good did came out of her choice in style. Her famous  hat sold  for £81100.01 ($ 131,341) to benefit her charity the little bee Initiative that helps, UNICEF UK and the Children in Crisis . I hope she thinks about having more auctions like this in the future.


One thought on “Princess Beatrice: Past Humanitarian Work Part 1

    susan said:
    September 26, 2013 at 2:07 am

    Kudos to bea! Keep up the good work, why does she always get criticised, let me guess coz she did make it on the whatever best dressed list like wasty, the monarchy is not a fashion house: u get judged by your strong character and work ethics, she is only 25 and doing a good job!!

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