Why we should be kinder to the York girls

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by Martin Editor-in-Chief  of royalcentral

Posted: 26 September 2013 11:40 pm

Last week, Princess Beatrice visited the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh as patron of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. Whilst discussing the engagement with renowned royal expert Marlene Koenig on Twitter, I discovered that the reason why Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s engagements and most attendances are not reported in the court circular is because officially, they don’t exist. Princess Beatrice and her sister don’t, in fact, officially perform engagements as members of the Royal Family, neither do they have a section on the official royal website.

The York girls in fact perform engagements, functions and charitable events entirely off their own backs and actually have no obligation to take up any patronages.

What struck me about this is the bad press the York girls get. Independently, they pursue their own careers and have chosen not to become full time members of the Royal Family.

Seldom in the press do the York girls get the recognition they deserve for the charity work they do. Many of their engagements simply go unreported by the press either because they don’t constitute the most interesting or don’t appeal to a wide enough audience, which is sad because theirs are often some of the most important charities.

On Monday, Princess Eugenie hosted her first reception at St James’s Palace, an organisation which encourages talent in young people and helps them discover their leadership potential. Despite this, to my knowledge, not a single report was written about the event.

Through the Princesses’ commitment to their respective causes they are, however you look at it, genuinely committed to making a difference. They are not simply performing engagements because they have to but rather because they want to make a difference and they want to highlight various causes.

I personally find it a shame that the Princesses will probably never become full time royals. Despite what some people say, I feel that more than anything, these fine young princesses deserve our respect, admiration and support for what they do. On top of their own full time careers, finding time to independently support worthy causes is certainly not something to be sniffed at.



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