Princess Beatrice: to become a full time working royal or not?

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There’s always been speculation about wether Princess Beatrice will become a full time working royal or not, but we’ve never had any real confirmation from Buckingham Palace on this and  until  we receive confirmation it’s all speculation. Recently Princess Beatrice has been taking up to going to royal events unofficially of course. I have a few theories :

  1. she’s spending some time at charity events before going back to work.
  2. For once the press is reporting about the charity events she’s attending..
  3. The royal firm is testing the waters to see how well she’ll work with engagements.
  4. She left her job because it was difficult to hold a full time job  and attend charity events and royal duties. There of she’s adding more patronages and events because she may become a full time working royal by early next year.  What I find very telling that in recent events she’s accompanying the Queen not just as a lady in waiting (holding flowers etc) but  talking to important people like Malala Yousafza.

I for one think it’s more likely it’s number one and two, but I will remain hopeful it’s number four. Let’s be honest here the older royals like The Queen, Prince Philip,  Princess Ann, the Gloucester, the Kents, and even the Duke of York  won’t be around forever and as they get older their work will be slowing down. kate and william are not known to be that love struck about royal work. Prince harry and maybe his future wife cannot maintain that  amount of engagements by themselves. They would need Princess Beatrice to pick up the work load  that some may not be willing to do. I think if Beatrice were to become a working royal it would be in the next few years.  It would be kind of harsh in the next twenty years for Beatrice to leave her her career and life she worked hard for to only join the royal firm later in life, if that’s when they need her. That’s my opinion though.

Everything,  is merely speculation. Nothing has ever been confirmed by the royal palace. Those who are stating things as fact are just trying to sell a story.  For example some articles have claimed Beatrice won’t be a full time working royal, don’t take these articles as fact. I  personally wouldn’t believe any of these articles, until we receive confirmation from the palace that Princess Beatrice is an official working royal or not.


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