HRH Princess Beatrice at Nikolai von Bismarck’s Ethiopian Photography Exhibition

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HRH Princess Beatrice with Nikolai von Bismarck
HRH Princess Beatrice with Nikolai von Bismarck



-London 03 December – HRH Princess Beatrice attended a private Gallery viewing of the Ethiopian Photograph Exhibition of Nikolai von Bismarck (view more photos on my tumblr)

 Her Boyfriend Dave Clark and  Prince Pavlos and Princess Maria-Olympia as well as many other guests were present at the event. It makes sense that she’s at this Exhibition about Ethiopia.  She’s long time friends with Nikolai von Bismarck. The British royal family and Princess Beatrice often show their love and  support for Africa. Princess Beatrice is patron of the Broomwood African Education Foundation, whose latest project is the building of a school for orphans in an agricultural part of North West Ethiopia. Not saying that the Ethiopia exhibition is related in any way to the charity, just an interesting fact. To bad Princess Beatrice wasn’t at HM annual diplomatic reception, perhaps next year.
About the Ethiopia Exhibition
In Ethiopia is the first solo exhibition of photographer Nikolai von Bismarck.The exhibition will include over 20 black and white photographs taken in Ethiopia in early 2012 of the OMO people. These will be shown alongside a series of black and white and colour photographs taken in Addis Ababa by the young photographer.
Nikolai von Bismarck was born in Germany in 1986 and raised in London. His first job was working for Mario Testino in 2003 and his first photo-shoot was commissioned by Isabella Blow when he was just 18. From June 2008 to December 2010 he worked for Annie Leibovitz to further his knowledge and understanding of photography. His own work has since appeared in numerous publications including Harpers Baazar, Tatler, The Mirror and The Times. For his photographic projects, both personal and commissioned, he has travelled widely in Burma, Cambodia, and to the slums of Bombay. He has taken photographs of and for the orphanage in Oradea, Romania, where he spent time living in and photographing gypsy colonies from :
 Nikolai von Bismarck
Broomwood African Education Foundation site

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