List Of possible Tiaras HRH Princess Beatrice Could Wear One Day

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It would be nice to see princess beatrice wearing a tiara one of these days. it took me while to make a list but its complete For now though all we have is a photo of her wearing a fake crown


1. The Rundell Diamond Tiara set– I just absolutely fell in love with this Tiara, it’s one we haven’t seen  in  this millennium . We don’t even know if the tiara and jewelry set  is  even in existence anymore, it’s that obscure. Some say it was sold off. Some say it was dismantled into newer pieces of the royal jewelry collection. I hope not it would be a shame for  either consequence to happen. it’s such a exquisite tiara and set and it comes with a pearl and diamond cluster necklace, the earrings and a brooch. If the Rundell tiara and the jewelry set are in existence I think Princess Beatrice will be able to pull of this regal look beautifully.

Screen shot 2010-12-04 at 12.04.26 AM



Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 6.14.19 PM

2. The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara – I think the emerald tear drops will go beautifully with Bea’s red hair accompanied by Godman emerald and diamond necklace:Greatest_Crown_Jewels03-1godman-emerald-and-diamond-necklace-1

or  the The Cambridge and Delhi Durbar Necklace can also go well with the The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara:


3.The Burmese Tiara with Queen Elizabeth II’s Ruby and Diamond Necklace:



4.Nizam-of-Hyderabad Tiara- We haven’t seen this one in a long while some say it has been dismantled, if so what a waste of a timeless piece


Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.48.57 PM

5.The Sapphire Suite Tiara-

19696.The Boucheron Loop Tiara


8. girls of great Britain and ireland tiara


9. Ladies of England tiara- if in existance


10. Maybe some other obscure piece we haven’t seen  in a long while like,  the County of Surrey tiara, which may not exist

Surrey Tiara drawing

11- someone/she could buy her own tiara-


12. She could wear her mother’s tiara-  this would be my last pick of the lot, its very beautiful. but she would never escape public scrutiny if she were to wear it


At the end of the day when HM eventually loans her a tiara be it for her wedding day or something else, its Bea’s choice in which tiara she’d want loaned for the most part. HM or whoever is the monarch when(if ever) Bea’s loaned a tiara even for a day will have the finale say.


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