Princess Beatrice sends a letter of support to a Virgin Money London Marathon Runner

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Princess Beatrice sends a letter of support to a Virgin Money London Marathon Runner, Jason. Jason will run in support of Children in Crisis, whom Princess Beatrice is  a current ambassador . Princess Beatrice thanks him in the letter for running in behalf of  Children in Crisis and even giving him some tips in fundraising:

Dear Jason, Thank you so much for choosing to take part in  the world’s largest marathon on behalf of Children in Crisis . I took part in the London marathon in 2010, so I understand the time and effort you put in preparing yourself in the past few months to run over 26.2 miles on 13 April 2014. Your determination is awe-inspiring, and I am most grateful you have chosen to support Children in Crisis in the London marathon 2014. Make sure to tell all your friends and  family about the incredible challenge you have taken on so they understand how hard you have train in order to continue fundraising to make a huge difference in children’s  futures  across Africa and Afghanistan. I know I certainly did when I ran! I know fundraising can be hard at times, but I hope you are able to raise  over and above £1,700  you have pledged to Children in Crisis.  The funds you raise will enable the charity to offer education to tens of thousands of children around the world, and give them an opportunity to flourish . Like my mother, the Duchess of York. I have always believed that education is an essential catalyst to reduce poverty. In running the London marathon for Children in Crisis and raise money for their work , you are helping us turn their lives around, Once again, thank you so much for running , for your  support and generosity , and well done. Good Luck Beatrice

 Pic belongs here: Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Jason Bingham’s fundraising page


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