Princess Beatrice At University Academy Holbeach and Charles Read Academy

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June 18 2014 , HRH Princess beatrice visited university academy holbeach and the Charles read academy today. It looks like she got to use HM helicopter , silent support from the Queen.  And Lord Lieutenant was there too  (also there at Isle of wight)seems like the firm is testing waters maybe an official event.  The york princesses even got to ride in the carriage with Prince Charles at ascot, silent acceptance?  Or am I just going paranoid ?to those who wondering what are  Lord Lieutenants they  are responsible for the organisation of all official Royal visits to their county
university academy holbeach 

Royal visitor HRH Princess Beatrice of York has officially opened a new £9million facility at the University Academy Holbeach.

Princess Beatrice visited the academy to see the new building, which offers a modern learning environment for pupils and provides 3,500 sq m of additional teaching space.

The new building, which includes the Academy’s first purpose-built sports hall, specialist Design and Technology and Art facilities and 24 new classrooms, was commissioned to replace the site’s original 1950s-era buildings.

The new facilities were completed in November 2013 and they will now enable the academy, which has been oversubscribed since it opened, to offer an additional 20 student places per year.

During the visit, Her Royal Highness was invited on a tour of the building, unveiled a commemorative plaque and met staff and students. She also witnessed one of the academy’s Freshstart literacy lessons.

Speaking about the royal visit, Steve Baragwanath, Principal at University Academy Holbeach, said: “We are delighted that Princess Beatrice was able to join us here at the academy to celebrate the opening of our new building. We are extremely pleased with our new facilities, and it was an honour to take our royal visitor on a tour and highlight how they are benefitting our pupils and staff.”

 Charles read academy

Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice visited Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen today and took a tour which included a spot of ping-pong, a chat with an Olympic athlete and a history lesson on the Royal Family.

 The sixth in line to the throne was greeted by crowds of cheering children and staff from the Academy, as well as other nearby schools who had come especially for the occasion.

Speaking exclusively to the Journal, Princess Beatrice said: “It is great to come to the Academy and see some of the excellent work that they do. I think the Academy system has had a really positive impact on children’s education.”

The Queen’s grand-daughter was accompanied by David Ross, head of the David Ross Education Trust which sponsors several academies including Charles Read, and said: “This is a day the kids will remember for a long time.”

After taking time to chat to many of the excited youngsters, the Princess was taken on a tour of the school starting with a display of some of the children’s artwork.

Her Royal Highness then moved on to the sports hall where she displayed a talent for ping-pong, before meeting Olympic 200m runner Christian Malcolm who was also visiting the Academy to give an athletics masterclass to pupils.

Back inside the Princess visited the recently created library and gave advice to children on their reading, and she was also able to help students in another classroom working on a topic she knows a little bit about – the Royal Family.

The penultimate stop on the tour was a greenhouse complete with red carpet, set up by the school for pupils to grow their own produce and plants, a selection of which were presented as a gift to the Princess.

A Royal greeting was also enjoyed by the Academy’s furry residents, with the Princess petting a large grey rabbit called Graham and a couple of guinea pigs.

The visit concluded with an assembly during which acting Principal Robert Sloan and David Ross thanked Her Royal Highness for her time and interest in the Academy, before the Princess added her own thanks and unveiled a plaque officially marking the day.

Mr Sloan added: “One of the great things that we’ve been celebrating today is the number of talented students that we’ve got here.”

Also focusing on the pupils in her speech, Princess Beatrice said: “I have met so many of you and I am so thrilled that this great school can be here for you to write and learn and care for your animals and play your music.

“As somebody that went through school and struggled with my reading and struggled to find my way I am so thankful that there are places like this in the community where you can have your solid base.”


5 thoughts on “Princess Beatrice At University Academy Holbeach and Charles Read Academy

    Visenya Targaryen said:
    June 22, 2014 at 5:11 am

    Beatrice has been working a lot lately and I’m glad for her. I hate seeing both York girls shove aside when they could offer so much. You can sense they care about the charities they work for.

      duchesschicana responded:
      June 24, 2014 at 11:46 pm

      yes, thats what I love about them when attending royal events or doing charity work . They do it because they want to, they don’t care if their work doesn’t go on the court circular or recognition, unlike some.

        Visenya Targaryen said:
        June 26, 2014 at 1:20 am

        Yes, the York girls are terribly underrated by a lot of people. And they are almost held responsible for their parents mistakes, which is awful.

        They do it because they want to work. They are obviously wanting to do more and I wish they were given the chance.

      duchesschicana responded:
      June 24, 2014 at 11:52 pm

      I think it more of the press not paying attention them than the royal family pushing them aside. I think the royal firm has accepted them subtle hints.
      It looks like Bea got to use HM helicopter at a recent event, silent support from the Queen. And Lord Lieutenant was there too, (also there at Isle of wight.) Seems like the firm is testing waters The york princesses even got to ride in the carriage with Prince Charles at ascot
      I think it will be a slow progress to being a full time royal i believe the royal firm has been working towards getting a bigger role since 2013. and with William maybe taking another pilot job to avoid full time royal work and perhaps some senior roles stepping down from full time work there will be plenty of room for bea and Eug. I don’t buy the story of bea having a full-time job- her full time job is representing the queen, although not officially.

        Visenya Targaryen said:
        June 26, 2014 at 1:26 am

        I hope you are right, those girls are clearly committed to their jobs and the firm. I loved that they were sent to Germany last year and that this year, they seem to be doing more and being more visible.

        It’s a sad state of affairs that most work is being done by people older than 60 when the younger generation should pick up the slack (I’m looking at you Willnot and Kannot), Harry and the York girls seem set to work and I hope they get the support they need (specially the girls).

        I think that as long as the Queen is in charge, they will do something and Charles has to face the reality of having a reluctant heir and a lazy daughter in law. Harry alone and his future wife will not be able to just do miracles on their own. They will need the support the York girls can and are willing to provide.

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