Debunking The DailyMail Part 1- Isle Of Wight Transportation, not a tax burden!

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Princess Beatrice dodges ferry queues by hitching a lift with the navy: Royal hops aboard HMS Ranger rather than face the crowds
Most people on a day trip to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Isle of Wight would hop on a ferry.

But when Princess Beatrice paid a visit she avoided the queues and bustle of Portsmouth sea terminal – not to mention a £17.20 return fare – by hitching a ride with the Royal Navy.

The 25-year-old’s decision to hop aboard HMS Ranger, an Archer-class patrol boat, when she travelled to the island last week raised eyebrows, with one resident saying: ‘Why couldn’t she come on the ferry like everyone else?’

It is not known whether Prince Andrew, a former Navy Commander, pulled any strings to help his daughter hitch a lift, but insiders were quick to insist that the boat-ride did not place an additional burden on the taxpayer.

The HMS Ranger/Royal Navy always trains at Isle Of Wight Cowes, I don’t see How Princess Beatrice could have added any tax burden of any sort to British Civilians, doesn’t make sense. Plus ,the Isle of Wight visit was arranged by a Lord Lieutenant  from start to finish that includes arranging transportation for royals. it was a Lord Lieutenant’s choice to have Princess Beatrice transported by the royal navy not her, besides I think a Lord Lieutenant  would know what he was doing I don’t think he would add any unnecessary tax burden to civilians .  This is the dailymail creating unnecessary drama and not doing their research


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