Princess Beatrice Jealous Of Kate Middleton- I think Not

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”According to the January 19th edition of Star Magazine, jealous Bea is determined to get back in the public eye, by any means necessary. One of Star’s Royal Family insiders reveals, “Beatrice is sick of Kate being the center of attention. As far as Bea is concerned she is younger and prettier than Kate! Bea has got a lot of sexy outfits lined up for the next few weeks. And she’s got a trip to the Caribbean planned with her longtime boyfriend, Dave Clark. She thinks that a few skimpy bikinis and making out in the turf will get her the attention that she has been craving.” The tabloid goes on to say that Princess Beatrice wants to create some Royal scandal and become the “Kim Kardashian on the Royal Family.” Read more Here

This doesn’t sound like Bea at all she has more class than that judging by passed actions and what people say about her during events.

Not saying she’s a saint, she’s done her mistakes and has her regrets, but she has more class than the author of the article suggests . I don’t think Bea would want that kind of attention, especially now. It’s more like she’s lining up more low key charity events, rather than scandals . Bea knows her place. I hope the press does stop with Bea being jealous of kate thing, it’s getting old.

Like I said somewhere else. This doesn’t make sense to me, merely a fabrication by the press that Bea is supposedly jealous of kate. For one, Kate barely does events, she not known as heavy weight for events. How can one possibly be jealous of someone whom most of the time isn’t there? The thing is they both do events that have do with ribbon cutting and glamour , just one does it officially and the other doesn’t.

Ironic since the one who has more patronages and does more charity work is Bea. Sure, kate has more attention, but seeing how she gets her attention sometimes really ain’t nothing to brag about. They may not be best friends, but I think they get along, exchange some pleasantries that’s about it . I seen them in pics talking amicably .

So, even if there was a feud in the beginning, ( which could have happened. I used think so, not so sure anymore.) I think it has been done with and dealt with. This is just the media playing mean girls, on a slow news day, when in reality I don’t think kate and Bea give each other very much thought at the end of the day as you know they do have lives. Apparently I don’t if I’m commenting on a article by Star Magazine.



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