Princess Beatrice At Crosfields School-Opening The Talbot Memorial Garden

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Princess Beatrice At  Crosfields School-Opening  The Talbot Memorial Garden April 24 2015

Amelia Saunders was just four when she succumbed to the inoperable tumour in 2013.

The Talbot Memorial Garden has been created at Crosfields School, in Shinfield Road, where Amelia was a pupil. It is a legacy to the eponymous first chairman of governors at the school.

A cherry tree was also planted in the garden in memory of Amelia, after which more than 500 pupils gathered to hear a speech by the Princess.

Amelia’s parents attended the gathering, which also heard songs from several choirs at the school.

Princess Beatrice opens garden in Reading for girl who died from brain tumour

Photo belongs to:TheDukeOfYork 


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