Princess Beatrice to Participate In Travels To My Elephant Race

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Supposedly, Beatrice, with her sister Eugenie, will participate in the five day race across India for Elephant Family. (According to the DM BP Garden story. Speaking of which I miss seeing Bea at the Gardent party, she was notably absent.) Each team must pledge to raise £10,000 for Elephant Family charity. Beatrice may be working to raise money for the charity. Beatrice and Eugenie have previously worked for Mark Shand’s charity.The rickshaw race begins in India on 1st November 2015.

       What is Travels to my Elephant?

Elephant Family is well known for its creative events such as Elephant Parade London that increase public support and raise funds to save the endangered Asian elephant. This year, the main event is Travels to my Elephant a modern day adventure across India in motorised rickshaws to celebrate the life of Mark Shand, founding force behind Elephant Family and passionate conservationist.Throughout the summer London will host a fleet of 20 beautiful rickshaws, individually decorated by well-known artists and designers, which will then be auctioned. In November teams of Elephant Family supporters will travel across India in rickshaws with the aim of raising £1million to support the protection of a series of wild elephant pathways, or ‘corridors’ across India.

Why is the event called Travels to my elephant?

Mark Shand’s best-selling book Travels on my Elephant was published in 1991 following his journey riding an elephant across India. The rickshaw destination is the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh where the elephant Mark rode, Tara now lives a life of leisure.

Where will the money raised from Travels to my Elephant go?

Wild elephants now need to travel along pathways or forest corridors to find food and water in national parks. Mark Shand was dedicated to saving the elephant corridors of Assam, in northeast India. These vital corridors allow elephants to safely journey between fragments of forest into Kaziranga National Park. Local communities have not been able to afford to purchase land outside forests, so their settlements in the elephant corridors bring them into close contact with elephants, endangering their livelihoods and the lives of both humans and elephants in conflict situations.In 2014 Elephant Family, in partnership with the Wildlife Trust of India, started a project to purchase land for new homes and farms outside the corridors ensuring communities live safely and wild elephants move freely. Money raised from the Travels to my Elephant event will go towards the Assam Elephant Corridors project.

Can I join the Travels to My Elephant rickshaw journey in India?

The rickshaw journey has been incredibly popular and the 30 race teams are now sold out! However the rickshaws will be on public display free of charge in London from June 1st and we encourage everyone to come and enjoy the fantastic designs! We also hope you will make a donation to the Assam Elephant Corridor project.For futher information visit travelstomyelephant.org


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