Princess Beatrice At China Exchange UK

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Princess Beatrice At China Exchange UK with her mom Sarah, duchess of  York sometime around June, 2015.

China Exchange, a registered charity in the UK, is an exceptional new venue in the heart of London’s West End designed to provide a forum for the ideas and events which touch the lives of people in Britain and China today. Companies and philanthropists from both nations have come together to support the renovation of this stunning space in the restored premises of London’s former central Telephone Exchange and it has been turned into a centre for exhibitions, performances, lectures and events of all kinds.

China Exchange’s regular programming, to be launched this spring, will draw on the commitment and involvement of exceptional individuals in their fields and from established institutions in Britain and China.  Our plan is for China Exchange to bring excitement, interest and erudition to the widest possible audience. This is made possible by the charitable enterprise that has worked over the past four years to open this extraordinary venue into public use.

Our aim is to offer an insight into a wide range of issues spanning from culture, business, the environment, heritage, education, enterprise, medicine, religion, economy, anthropology to architecture and philosophy. It will promote the most civilized and responsible interests of all these important issues in modern day, through the prisms of Britain and China.

Photo Belongs to  @petresposito via twitter


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