Royal seal Of approval Via Secretary: Princess Beatrice Sends Her Support/Best Wishes For Cerebral Palsy Charity Bracelet

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Interesting little story I found

Iris Aguilar


I sent a letter to HRH Princess Beatrice Of York about My Cerebral Palsy Charity Bracelet and  I did get a a letter from HRH  Princess Beatrice of York via a secretary, Princess Beatrice sends  her support and wishing me the best on my fundraising adventureI! What an interesting coincidence I received her letter on the day of her birthday, happy 27’th birthday Princess Beatrice.
I’m  happy about the response as it seems a bit more personal than the usual letters sent out from the Duke’s office, still wish she could’ve of responded, but the secretarial response was expected.
I’m surprised the palace didn’t send the bracelet back, as they usually send gifts back, I even asked in my letter  if my bracelet couldn’t be passed onto the princess that to please send it back, but it seems like it’s with her. The letter I received was dated July 30:
“Princess Beatrice has asked…

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