Princess Beatrice At ‘Lean In’ dinner in New York

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guestMisha Nonoo Hosts “Lean in”  dinner in New York. Princess Beatrice was a guest. I guess It’s official about her job?..

Article published on July 29, 2015. Misha Nonoo was  invited to dinner by Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean in CA.  She met several fascinating women in the areas of philanthropy and technology. Inspired  by all these woman she wanted to host a  dinner herself  in New York. Where  like-minded, entrepreneurial women from different backgrounds connected.

Last week  Misha Nonoo hosted  her dinner,  among the roughly 15 guests was  Princess Beatrice of York, who just recently moved to New York to work in finance. Conversation moved from the superficial—how to avoid stains on white clothing, for instance—to more significant topics, like time-management skills.“How much time do you have to actually get to do what you love?” Princess Beatrice asked Ms. Nonoo, who responded that, running a company, she didn’t get nearly as much time to actually design clothing as she liked. Ms. Nonoo  hoped that all women there that night might, eventually work together and/or forge great friendships.

A few days afterward, Ms. Wolfe said she was very happy to find that nearly every guest at the dinner had a “helpful suggestion, connection or introduction to willingly offer.” Read more here:

Photo Belongs to Diana Zapata/Billy Farrell Agency

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