My Random Musing Of The Queen’s Royal Family Order

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Forgive My random musing of The Queen’s Royal Family Order.

The Queen has a Royal Family Order that she bestows upon the women of the royal family. This Order is The Queen’s personal gift, and since the actual date of award usually remains private, the only way to know when someone has received it is to see her wear it in public. It’s often given after a period of steady service to the monarchy or as an affectionate gift. The Duchess of Cornwall, The Countess of Wessex,The Princess Royal,The Duchess of Gloucester,The Duchess of Kent,Princess and Alexandra of Kent are the only current known royal women to have the QEII RFO.

As  blood princesses I really hope that Bea, Eugenie, and even Louise receive HM’s Order – and maybe Charlotte too. Even if they don’t carry out many official duties, they would at least have it for formal occasions if needed, say at their Prince Charles & Prince William’s Coronations. If Charles and William continue the tradition, those ladies could conceivably have at least three apiece. I’ve seen  Louise with the Jubilee medal and I assume everyone in the family has one for their services  preformed during the Jubilee year, yet we’ve never seen most of them wear the medal. So, for all I know they could have the QEII RFO, we just never seen them have the opportunity to wear it. I hope we get to to see them wear the QEII RFO one day, if they have been bestowed it. If they have not received it yet, hopefully they will soon. In the latest round of documentaries. I know we’ve seen Bea and Eugenie speak so glowingly of HM and I am sure that they would wear her RFO with much pride and honour

Obviously this is my horrible photoshop of Bea wearing QEII RFO.


One thought on “My Random Musing Of The Queen’s Royal Family Order

    Matty said:
    July 3, 2016 at 8:51 am

    So would I

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