Princess Beatrice At Muskaan Sewa Nepal Children’s Home

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During Princess Beatrice’s visit to Nepal, she not only visited the Tilganga Eye Hospital for three hours. She also had a five hour lunch/visit with some  children who  live in a registered  children’s home in the outskirts of Kathmandu.  Hamro Ghar – Muskaan Sewa Nepal, is a  non profit  Children’s home for orphans.  The  program is  run by Ms. Bhawanee Gurung, who has committed her life in rescuing children from deplorable living conditions and giving them an opportunity chance to grow up with quality food, shelter, clothes, health care education to be an independent and wise human being . Along with the basic rights, Hamro Ghar wants to build a stable, secure, safe and loving environment for all the children growing in the home


The Princess of York,  seemed to have made a wonderful and life long impression on  Shawnee Gurung and the children as read  here:

“Princess Beatrice of York invited us for lunch. The kids asked loads of questions and so did the Princess. We found the Princess to be very down to earth and pleasant. We wish you all the best for everything that you do. Thank you Princess Beatrice and Simon for a wonderful 5 hours. The children can’t stop talking about it. ❤ God Bless🌻🌞”

Photos belong to  Hamro Ghar – Muskaan Sewa Nepal




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