Princess Beatrice’s South Asia Tour : More pictures

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 Princess Beatrice’s South Asia Tour 2016,  lasted nine days. She was visiting  Nepal, India, and Bhutan on Behalf  of the Franks Family Foundation (FFF).  Jamgon Kongtrul Eyes Centere’s-  free micro-surgical cataract program is in technical collaboration with Nepal’s Tilganga Eye Centre under the direction of the esteemed Dr. Sanduk Ruit.

“The JKEC screened 1,960 patients in 8 remote areas in District Darjeeling prior to the surgical program. Among them, 178 were found suffering from cataract. They were mobilised to JKEC for free surgeries and intra-ocular implants. The oldest was 102 years old, the youngest was 11 years old, and 4 had advanced cataract in both eyes. All surgeries went very well. 100% success!!

The Special Highlight of this program was an informal visit by HRH Princess Beatrice of United Kingdom. She had come to observe Dr. Ruit’s benevolent work. Everyone was touched by her presence and her caring way with our local people. Princess Beatrice’s interest in promoting community eye centres like JKEC touched and inspired us greatly!


Princess Beatrice also spent time with the Nepal’s Tilganga Eye Centre, and Muskan Sewa Nepal Children’s Home. The Princess invited the to children to lunch and the children got to spent hours asking her questions. Not only was the princess  in south Asia for charitable contributions, but she was also there on behalf of the British monarchy unofficially,  having  a private meeting with the Bhutanese royal family.princess-beatrice-muskan-sewa-nepal-3

The South Asia Tour 2016 seems to have been a great success.

Upcoming events: Princess Beatrice Will be at Asia Game Changers Awards 2016. Awardees Will Be Honored at Asia Game Changer Awards Dinner and Celebration at the U.N. on October 27, 2016. Dr. Sanduk Ruit will also be presented with one of the awards.











Photos Don’t Belong to me but to there respective charities.


One thought on “Princess Beatrice’s South Asia Tour : More pictures

    Matty said:
    October 9, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Well done Beatrice.

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