Princess Beatrice Attended World Economic Forum 2017

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Princess Beatrice  Attended  World Economic Forum 2017, On January 20 2017, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

“Each year since 2003, the Open Forum convenes in January at the local Swiss Alpine School in the heart of Davos, attracting leaders from all walks of life. We welcome government officials, artists, civil society leaders, innovative entrepreneurs and CEOs of multinational companies: All have a story or point of view to share.



The Open Forum aims to encourage dialogue and spread awareness on critical issues to the global economy by providing a platform on which ideas, thoughts and questions can be expressed and tackled in an open environment.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

What Is it to Be Human in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

12:30 17 January 2017

Can Women Have It All?

18:30 17 January 2017
Wednesday 18 January 2017

Leading in Divided Times

12:45 18 January 2017

New Models for Europe

18:30 18 January 2017
Thursday 19 January 2017

Leadership beyond Borders: The Afghan Women’s Orchestra “Zohra”

12:30 19 January 2017

Bridging Generational Differences

18:30 19 January 2017
Friday 20 January 2017

The Race against Racism

09:00 20 January 2017

Mental Health Matters

12:30 20 January 2017


Photo Belongs to @BeaMontes



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