Please Help Fund My Trip To London

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I know this has nothing to do with Princess Beatrice, but if you could help share my page and maybe even donate to my top to London that would be wonderful.

Please Help Fund My trip To London. I’m Iris Aguilar and I have Cerebral Palsy- Diplegia, I use a wheelchair. I have been unexpectedly blessed. Someone generous is giving me Airport tickets and hotel for a trip to London. I will be going during July 20-25. I always had a fascination with London’s historic places and of course the royal family. My sister and my mom are also coming along with me.

I would like to visit Buckingham Palace , Kensington Palace – Kensington Palace’s Orangery Cafe, and The Tower. I can get a percentage off for being disabled or having a companion, but I also would like a little extra for souvenirs. We would also like to have money towards, transportation, food and other necessities during our trip to London. Any little bit helps even if you donate $1. Thank you all for being generous towards my trip.



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