Princess Beatrice Attends The Kairos Society’s Global Summit 2017

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Princess Beatrice attends The Kairos Society’s global summit in NY On April 21 2017. She was there to observe Kairos Society’s work with the youth and was excited to see some of the companies present at the event.
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 8.25.32 PM
The Kairos Society annually recognizes the top entrepreneurial students coming out of the premier universities from over 50 countries worldwide. Each year, Kairos Society selects a handful of entrepreneurial students to join its fellowship. While the process is highly selective, students who are chosen as fellows become part of community of peers who are already shaping the world.

 She said in Vogue:

“I got involved in Kairos through a really good friend of mine,” Princess Beatrice says, explaining that she is also very involved in Pitch@Palace, an organization run by her father, Prince Andrew. “You have to make it okay to empower young people, and say you have the support, the backing, the ear, and the platform in order to make that change. And I find that incredibly motivating.”

What else is at the root of Princess Beatrice’s interest in youth entrepreneurship? “I also have a foundation called Big Change, which works on education reform and supports entrepreneurs as well,” she says. “I think we are now living in a period where we need 21st-century education to support technology requirements, and we need to focus on getting young people the tools necessary in order to succeed.”

Entrepreneurship in the 21st century is an incredibly stimulating field to work in. “I think that what’s really exciting is that there’s no road map, really,” Princess Beatrice says. “You have so many people innovating—and I’m not just talking about disruptive technologies. Right now, I think there’s really a chance to take everything that we’ve learned and educate people to make them be the best that they can be.”

Inspiring words, but does Princess Beatrice ever get time to explore New York City? “I’m a big fan of the Soho House group,” she says, when asked about her favorite local spot. “It’s a good British brand that’s doing very well in the U.S.!” True, and therefore yet another example of entrepreneurial success.

Here’s a short interview I was lucky enough to find:




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