Princess Beatrice Event Tally 2015

1. Pre-BAFTA VIP Brunch

2. We Day UK charity dinner

3. Meeting with Edinbrugh sick kids foundation

4.We Day UK

5. Trooping the Colours

6. China Exchange UK

7.Walkabout Foundation Event

8. The Art Gala at Masterpiece in aid of  NSPCC

9.Queen’s Young Leaders reception at BP

10. Royal Ascot -Day 4

11.  Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot,

12.  English National Ballet School visit of which she is now a patron of

13.Fundraising Gala Auction in Aid Of Garden Bridge Trust

14.  Joseph Getty’s Wedding

15.  Garden party at Buckingham Palace

16. The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre visit

17.Victory in Europe -Day One-Windsor Castle – Beacon Lighting

18. Staffordshire Visit- Staffordshire Watermill School , Ormiston Horizon Academy,

and Maple Hayes Dyslexia School

19. Humanitas Charity fundraiser

20. Crosfields School-Opening  The Talbot Memorial Garden

21. Bahrain Grand Prix Formula One

22.  Easter Sunday church service

23. The Amos Bursary visit

24. FrontlineVisit- case meetings to local social workers

25. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Fashion Benefit Dinner

26. “Lean in”  dinner in New York.

27. Green Park Visit

28. Dingley Centres

29.  Women in World Summit-Day 1

30. The Elephants Forever Auction.

31. Boys’ Club Event

32.  Pitch at Palace Event 4.O

33. BGC Annual Charity Day

34.Private early Christmas Day Service

35. Christmas Day Service

36. Post Christmas Church service



2 thoughts on “Princess Beatrice Event Tally 2015

    Gertrude said:
    August 2, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    You missing a few engagements from this year:

    Queen’s Young Leaders reception at BP
    Royal Ascot
    Trooping the Colours
    VE Day 70th Anniversary
    Maple Hayes Dyslexia School in Lichfield
    Memorial garden at Crosfields School in Reading

      royal_deity responded:
      August 2, 2015 at 9:00 pm

      Yes, I will update, thanks

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