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Vacation time for Princess Beatrice

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25-year-old Beatrice has quietly left the investment capital firm where she has been working for a year and has been enjoying a summer of carefree fun as long as she doesn’t use British tax payer money for this vacation she has ever right to do this. Enjoy your vacation Bea ^_^


Happy Birthday Princess Beatrice

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Happy 25th Birthday Princess Beatrice. I hope you receive many blessings on this special day of yours and may all your wishes come true.

Princess Beatrice: Trinity Academy and forget Me Not Hospice

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Princess Beatrice went to open officially the new Trinity academy and she also went to the Forget me not Hospice CLICK HERE. I must say it’s quite refreshing to actually see someone who shows an interest in charity What I love about Princess Bea is that she’s so animated with public full of energy and has a genuine interest in the events she goes to. She does charity events out of her own free will, she’s not obligated to do so. She was reportedly at the academy opening for 50 minutes.I think she will make a good humanitarian in the future, if that’s what she wishes to do in the future.

Date Night for Princess Beatrice!

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It’s Date Night with Princess Beatrice with her long time boyfriend Dave clark. I must say she’s locking very good in her outfit.

Princess Beatrice at Royal Ascot

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Royal Ascot: Everybody seemed happy and enjoyed themselves, it was all about the queen and hats, Bea had a lovely grey coat