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Princess Beatrice Runs Marathon For Fight Against Ovarian Cancer

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Princess Beatrice was one of the 500 female runners participating in the Lady Garden Campaign 5K in London’s Hyde Park, , On May 13, 2017.
The event was in support of the Silent No More Gynaecological Cancer Fund, which calls for women all over the country to get involved and raise funds and awareness for gynaecological cancers.
The Princess started the race at the front, surrounded by fellow women who were taking part in the female-only fun run.
The Princess completed the race and afterwards posed for a photograph proudly wearing the Lady Garden hooded sweatshirt with her hair restyled into a loose side-plait.
She politely stood for pictures with other runners who were thrilled to have a member of the Royal family among them.
Here’s an interview  she did with MSBC:

 “I have got the most incredible female role models throughout history that I feel like I carry with me all day, every day. In honour to those women, including my grandmother and my mother, I feel I need to be able to offer  support  as much as you can.”- Princess Beatrice