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Beatrice attends store launch for Beulah in London

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Princess Beatrice a Met Gala 2018

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Princess Beatrice a Met Gala 2018 Loving her headband look, she could have totally rocked a tiara at the state banquet and I like her hair pulled back this way.I love that color on her, cant decide if I like the style and before you all start on Beatrice being there;

The Met gala is a major charity fundraiser. One that politicians and royals attend as well as celebrities. It has been hosted by the likes of Caroline of Monaco. And royals like Maria-Chantal, Rania, Diana, Charlotte Casiraghi and Maria-Olympia have attended.

Its no different then when the likes of Charles or William attend major charity events with celebrities in attendance. They all do, even the queen.

Its both a charity event and good for business. She is attending a gala for a major art foundation, not a night club rave.

Princess Beatrice At Milken Institute Global Conferance 2018

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On May 2 Princess Beatrice At Milken Institute Global Conferance 2018. She is pictured with Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut, and Command Pilot in the United States Air Force.

Princess Beatrice Visits WiproDigital

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On January 24 2017 Princess Beatrice visited @Wipro ‘s wonderful Pavilion in Davos. @yorkiebea @gssahni @BiancaGhose @wef #DavosDirect @WiproDigital Seems like something to do with her job